June 23, 2024
Web Development Fraud

Regardless of the size of your business, web development plays a crucial role in promoting your business online to potential customers. In this era when everything is taking a digital form, web development can be a powerful tool for all small enterprises still finding their way in the marketing world. An attractive and concise website is something that attracts a lot of potential customers and helps you transform them into leads. Starting a business online can be exciting and challenging simultaneously because where there is a boon, there has to be a bane!

In our conversation on the topic with Raghib Khan, a web and app development company, namely RNF Technologies’ co-founder, we found how fraudsters are willing to exploit the experience of small business owners and interrupt their business learning curve for their malicious agenda against the owners. 

In the light of this article, we want to help budding entrepreneurs by introducing them to the dangerous division of the web development industry and what they can do to avoid falling victim to them. So, let’s dive in and discover a few critical factors that every small business owner must know before hiring a web development professional!


Things To Know About Web Development Fraud

While discussing the adversities caused by the web design fraud actors with Raghib Khan, who also leads the company’s web and application development arm– Phonato Studios, we found out how skilled these fraudsters have become in executing their plans. Raghib says that the swindlers have adopted some shockingly amazing tricks that can be very challenging for someone new to the industry to figure out. Here are a few things that you need to know about them–

  • How engaged they are: each fraud takes a lot of time and effort before any money reaches the con artists.
  • These frauds have been going on for a while and don’t appear to stop anytime soon.
  • A quick web search reveals dozens of minor variations on the same web design scams being repurposed into SEO, designer, and other freelancer scams. The specific scams aren’t changing that much.

The fraudsters try to get through to you via email, text, or sometimes dare to defraud you over a phone session. Web development scams can be distressful, and it is pretty surprising how they hide behind an email account or a phone number and guise the victims in their intricately woven trap against them. 

While talking about the fraud, Raghib Khan also shares the light of hope by indicating that there are still some decisive steps that small business owners can take to mitigate at least the after-impacts of damage caused by the malicious ‘web designers.’ Check out the following section to learn more!

Simple Steps For Small Businesses To Avoid Web Development Fraud

Do you want to start on the right foot? Here are tips to keep in mind to protect your small business against the treacherous act of bad actors who present themselves as an authentic web developer:

  1. Consider yourself the next target of fraud if you encounter a web developer or IT solutions provider who offers you items at prices significantly lower than their rivals or promises to provide a digital good to you in an incredible amount of time.
  2. Check reviews and the company’s response to the reviews before sending any money. See what reviews they’ve received from past clients.
  3. Consumers frequently turn to the BBB for assistance when they have been mistreated. A company is generally not a smart choice for your small business if several complaints are made against them.


Last Lines

Because of how significant and essential the internet has become, it’s impossible to send money to someone you’ve never met with complete confidence. It’s, unfortunately, necessary to take certain precautions before employing a web designer, as mentioned in this article. It can be problematic to spot a fake/fraudulent web developer, especially for small businesses or start-ups. But the key to defeating these bad actors in their bad business is by doing research; if you are a good researcher, the chances of you falling prey to them are significantly low. 


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