June 23, 2024
Gaming Review

Gaming developers have an eye for details that urge them to provide the ultimate gaming experience to their users. In recent years, with new marketing trends and communication technologies, online reviews have bridged the gap between consumers and developing companies. In a recent interaction with Raghib Khan, Phonato Studios’ co-founder and a mobile gaming expert, we found out how gaming reviews play an important role in influencing consumers’ opinions.

Raghib Khan also shared his insights on the gaming review spam that is propagating so violently in the online world and breaking the guidelines of the gaming development industries. Certain reviews are just well-structured scams that are made to affect the company’s revenue in any possible way.

Check out the upcoming sections to learn more about the gaming review spam and how you can identify them and take away some critical notes to fight against such prevalent fraudsters.

How Do Reviews Impact Your Gaming Business?

Nowadays, reviews have become word-of-mouth in the gaming industry and are equally important to the user and the developer. Raghib Khan talks openly about the review spam and reckons the importance of positive gaming reviews as it helps the company build potential brand image and bring potential gamers. 

Let’s dive in to find out how bad game reviews can affect online game sales:

  • According to Raghib Khan, the objective of bad review spamming is demoting the product’s sale on any e-commerce site, which is why fraudsters use the same tactics to make a popular game seem fishy to people who are interested in it.
  • With fake reviews surfacing all over the internet, it becomes even more challenging to focus on improving the game quality and to find new players. If it is not addressed, you might have to deal with a deluge of negative reviews, which might prevent you from scoring downloads altogether. In the long run, this impacts your revenue generation capabilities, and of course, your reputation. 

Tips To Spot Spam Reviews By Raghib Khan 

Raghib Khan, who also co-owns tech services firm RNF Technologies, highlights the latest scam and fraud prevention technologies to steer clear of fake, spammy reviews and deliver memorable customer experiences.

Here are a few tips that the mobile gaming expert shares so you can distinguish between fake reviews and genuine ones:

  • You can check if the reviewer has a strange pattern of reviewing gaming companies; he might give one review to a company and then be generous by giving out 5-star reviews to its competitor. Such reviews do not add value to the company’s sales and are possible red flags you must look into.
  • If your gaming company suddenly gets 30-100 bad reviews at once, be sure that either your competitor or frustrated scammers are focused on bringing your game’s ranking down! In such a scenario, address this problem on social media so that your fans know what’s up. Also, don’t forget to flag reviews that look spammy, suggests Raghib Khan.
  • Well, one of the most overlooked methods of spotting a fake review is by closely looking at the facts mentioned by the reviews; sometimes, the fraudsters point out a product or service you never offered.

Summing Up

The reviews are the most prominent contributing factors to the game’s success. Being a victim of a review spam attack can be very stressful for the gaming development company as it sometimes makes them start from scratch. So, if you don’t want to face adversities in the future, be aware of review spam, suggests Raghib Khan. In addition to this, do monitor all the reviews and scale them with advanced software and technologies whenever necessary.

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