July 20, 2024
Mobile Gaming Scams

Gaming has always been fun and entertaining for children and adults. With the growing technology, one doesn’t need a complete set-up to sit and play the game. One can download any game from the play store and play it. The gaming world is changing! But as good and evil go together, while people enjoy playing games on their mobiles or tabs with simple clicks, they are also prone to many scammers who wait desperately for a wrong click to get into the gamer’s data. With technology redefining the gaming world, the risk is also growing. 

Another reason scammers are targeting the gaming industry is the high engagement of youngsters or teens. They find it easy to trick this age group and gain their personal information. This is a significant concern for the parents of these young online gamers. Taking this concern into account, we talked to Raghib Khan, Co-Founder Of Phonato Studios, a company that deals with mobile gaming app development, to share his thoughtful insights guiding parents about the mobile gaming scams and how these scammers target adults and kids. 

Phonato Studios’ Raghib Khan On Mobile Gaming Scams

There are various ways a scammer approaches a gamer to gain some undue advantages. Let’s discuss a few of the methods highlighted by Phonato Studios‘ Raghib Khan.

  • Copies Of Original Games

It is the most convenient way for scammers to enter a person’s phone. By creating a copy of the original game, which is costly and seems unaffordable to the users, especially kids, scammers provide a copy to these kids to play the game for free. What the kids don’t realize is that the game isn’t free; it’s taking away the personal data of the mobile and giving access to the scammers. In this case, parents can check the game’s version and specifications to know if they are playing the legitimate game or sharing their information on a scammy game, suggests Raghib Khan, Phonato Studios

  • Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing is the most common trick of mobile game scammers. They get the combination of passwords and usernames from the dark web and then use it on known gaming websites to access the user’s account. With the account, they can even get the personal and financial details of the user and further use it for making purchases both in the real world and the gaming world. Once they exploit one account, they try to use that information for other websites to gain more from these details. People often keep the same usernames and passwords for different websites, and these scammers take advantage of it. Therefore, Raghib Khan, Co-Founder Of RNF Technologies, the parent company of Phonato Studios, suggests parents keep an eye on their kid’s passwords and ask them to update them regularly to avoid falling into such traps. 

  • Attractive Cheat Codes & Freebies Scam

Mobile game scammers are aware that gamers always look for cheat codes, upgrades, or goodies while playing the games. They use this hunger and offer cheat codes and upgrades to the gamer at a lesser price than it’s available, making it look like an appealing deal. Once the gamer agrees, he sends the amount to the scammer, who never talks to them again, forgetting about sending the goodies. Sometimes, victims fall for this goodie trap and end up sharing their credit card details, which is even more dangerous as now the scammer has access to your credit card. It’s challenging to keep your children away from these gaming scams, so better educate them. Let your kids know the harsh side of playing mobile games without awareness. By enlightening them, you can keep your kids safe from these mobile game scams, shares RNF Technologies’ Raghib Khan.      


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