July 20, 2024
Personalized Digital Frauds

As personalization is gaining more popularity among brands to attract their valuable customers and make them feel heard, cybercriminals have made it impossible for people to detect the difference between genuine and fraudulent personalized emails and other messages. With cybercriminals looking for different strategies and tools to trick people into their traps, they have adopted this new method of personalization. These fraudsters are hacking or buying people’s information from dark webs and using it to conduct digital frauds. 

With this new personalized fraudsters’ approach, we thought of talking to Raghib Khan, Co-Founder of RNF Technologies, an IT services and product development company that provides digital solutions to worldwide businesses. We asked him to highlight this fraudster’s approach and share quick tips on identifying and resisting these frauds. 

RNF Technologies’ Raghib Khan Highlights Fraudsters’ Personalized Approach

With the world revolving around personalization or customization, it becomes easy to navigate and spot generic frauds like phishing emails, false messages, or fake lottery wins. This is why fraudsters have shifted to personalized frauds, making it challenging for people to identify and prevent themselves from these tricks. Raghib Khan, RNF Technologies, underlines that these fraudsters do research about the targeted victim and draft a personalized message around them. As mentioned, they obtain the details by hacking accounts and social media platforms or buying them directly from the dark web. 

Once they have the victim’s information, they try to threaten the victim by asking them for money for not revealing their personal information to everyone. These fraudsters try to frighten the victim by sharing their private data via mail or message to make them believe that they have all the details and have hacked their account. Whereas, in reality, they often lie about hacking, they have some critical information to make you believe them and thus pay vast amounts of money, reveals Raghib Khan, Co-Founder of Phonato Studios, the product development arm of RNF Technologies

Due to the fear of revealing their data, the victims pay these fraudsters who continue to threaten them for their greed, and the victim loses all their money. In some cases, they even end up their lives due to frustration and frustration embarrassment. 


Warning Signs Of Fraudsters, Shares Phonato Studios’ Raghib Khan

Raghib Khan, Phonato Studios, underlines that even though these fraudsters make victims believe that they have all their private data, in reality, they don’t have it. They buy information online and use it to get dollars from people. Although they use personalized emails, messages, or even calls, they target many people together, and those who believe them get into their loop. 

So, whenever you come across threatening emails or messages about disclosing your data to everyone, RNF Technologies’ Raghib Khan suggests looking for a few things first instead of paying these fraudsters their asked money. 

  • Don’t believe in highly urgent emails, messages, or calls. They are just a way of giving you less time to think or talk to anyone about the fraud that is about to happen to you. Take your time to decide instead of believing everything and anything said to you!
  • Look for the mode of payments people are suggesting you pay in. For example, if they ask to make a payment through an untraceable method, it’s a fraud! Not every time, but most of the time. So, verify before you transfer money to someone else. 
  • If you ever receive a suspicious email, message, or call, search for it online. People do share their experiences online, and by looking at them, you can save yourself from getting into such a fraud. Also, if you have encountered something like this before, don’t hesitate to share it online and let others know about it 
  • Keep updating your passwords and be cautious while sharing them with others, as you never know the intentions of other individuals. Stay careful and aware, adds Raghib Khan of Phonato Studios.

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