April 13, 2024
Brother’s Day

Brother’s Day, or Brother’s Day as it’s sometimes called, has been celebrated in the United States since 1972, and its history goes back even further than that. This holiday celebrates brothers everywhere and allows us to appreciate all that we do for each other and our families through the years. Today, we’ll dive into some more of the history behind this special day, including why it’s called Brother’s Day in the first place!

The International Brothers’ Day

The story behind Brothers’ Day, is a unique holiday with a particular purpose. Brother’s Day honors brothers all over the world. It’s also a time to promote quality time between brothers, something that may have been lost in today’s busy, technology-driven world. Brother’s Day dates back to 1906 when it was first observed in New York City on August 21st—back then known as Armistice Day (now commonly referred to as Veterans’ or Remembrance Day). The date was chosen because August 21st marked eight years since Andrew Carnegie (one of America’s wealthiest entrepreneurs) had signed his first labor contract at Homestead Steel Works following a bloody strike. Many workers were killed or injured.

Brother’s Day

Where Did We Get This Name?

Brothers are often referred to as brothers from another mother, but that isn’t quite where our name came from. Our founders wanted to call themselves something distinctively male. The same reasoning led them to choose a day specifically reserved for brothers—brothers’ day—to celebrate brothers in all forms. We see ourselves as an organization that helps men become better versions of themselves by supporting causes they care about, whether those causes are important to their family or their faith. Brothers have always been there for each other, through thick and thin. That’s why we exist: to provide resources brothers need when it comes to life insurance, financial planning, and more. And now you know why brothers day exists too! If you have any questions about brother’s day or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to help! Brief History of Brother’s Day. Brother’s day has existed since ancient times, although it wasn’t always called brother’s day back then. Before official records were kept and calendars were created, days were typically named after what happened on that particular day. Brother’s day was known as the festival of Saturnalia in ancient Rome. Saturnalia was a week-long celebration honoring Saturnus, father of Jupiter (Zeus) and leader of gods before his death during an invasion by Titans. On brother’s day, Romans exchanged gifts with friends and family members to show appreciation for one another (sound familiar?). Because brotherhood has always played such an important role in society throughout history, many cultures continued celebrating brotherhood after Roman rule ended.

Who invented Brothers’ Day?

Brothers’ Day was invented by greeting card company Hallmark in 1910. As part of a marketing campaign, Hallmark made it an annual event. Brothers’ Day has no historical significance, nor was it created to celebrate all brothers or even real-life brothers; Hallmark simply wanted to connect with consumers on a personal level during a time when cards were booming.

What are some ways you can celebrate Brothers’ Day with your family and friends this year?
This year, Brothers’ Day falls on July 30. But what does it mean? Why do we have Brothers’ Day in the first place? The short answer: It started out as a business event but turned into something more. Here are a few ideas to get you started on celebrating your own version of Brother’s day with friends, family, loved ones, or even co-workers

How can I start celebrating today, even if it isn’t Brothers’ Day yet?

Brother’s Day, which we affectionately call International Brothers’ Week, is held each year on August 11th. It was created in 1968 by Morris Mark and Debra Blum in an effort to bring awareness to brotherhood while also encouraging brothers to spend quality time together. In fact, Brother’s Day founder Mark wanted it to be a week-long celebration; he believed that brothers have a natural tendency to drift apart as they grow older and that those bonds need constant maintenance if they are going to remain strong into adulthood.

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